Since the beginning of YouTube, we all always have some video that we become obsessed with for some time period. Everyone just watches this video over and over again and cracks up just as hard as the first time. Now, there are always gifs or memes made to correspond with these youtube videos. I swear, you gotta love the things that the internet has amounted to.

My current favorite YouTube video is the one by Sweet Brown, a woman who was being interviewed by a news station after a fire had occurred in her apartment complex. From this video the now famous quote, “ain’t nobody got time for that” emerged. This is all over the internet and is always said as a joke amongst people. I, myself, will sometimes blurt it out randomly to my friends because I think it’s so hilarious.

This is the actual video, where it all began.

And of course it had to be auto-tuned


This cute coffee mug on Pinterest

It’s funny how now when things go viral it goes beyond being a word of mouth thing or just sharing the video. It goes into other forms of mediums and even products.


During our study breaks the main thing that we resort to is looking at our social media networks. This is bad. This is because you may follow or have as friends people who already finished their semester, don’t go to school, or are done with school as a whole. In your time of misery filled with anxiety, nervousness, and lack of sleep you are faced with seeing their whole lot of doing nothing. At times, even their partying while your forced to sit for long days just studying.

This post may sound bitter but in all honestly it is. While I post pictures on instagram of my books and papers spread out on my table people are posting pictures of themselves laying in bed watching TV. So, to keep yourself from being bitter and hating life even more during these last days of the semester keep away from the social networks. Soon, in 3 days, 2 for myself, you will be able to lounge all you want for a complete month.

You will be able to tweet things about how you’ve been sleeping all day and after 3 weeks about how you’re so bored and just want to go back to school. This is how it usually is but again, stop checking Twitter.

One of the main reasons that I anticipate it to be cold outside is so that I can bring out my favorite scarf. It’s a Burberry cashmere scarf that my mom bought me for my birthday about 3 years ago. I had been wanting it ver since I laid eyes on it and was thrilled when she bought it for me.

It’s super long so that I can play around when wrapping it around. The sad thing is that I’m awfully terrible at doing so. I am even at the point where I have to be looking at a mirror to wrap it around. It ends up looking like a piece of bulky cloth on me. Last year, I had finally had a hang of it but too bad for me with our short lived winters in Austin I didn’t get to enjoy it too much. This year, I’ve ran across various pictures that show how to wear a scarf on pinterest that will help me out.

I wish that I would’ve had the time to look at it this morning but we all know how it is during finals, we are a borderline mess. I will for sure be looking at pinterest for the rest of my semester so that I can at least make my favorite scarf look nice.


Oh, Gourdough’s so extremely unhealthy yet so delicious. If you aren’t familiar with Gourdough’s it is a trailer on South 1st that specializes in serving doughnuts. These aren’t your typical Krispy Kreme doughnuts or even your delicious Round Rock doughnuts. They are huge doughnuts with a bunch of good sweetness on them. Take for example, my favorite doughnut called Granny’s Pie it has pecans, bananas, caramel, and graham crackers over it. You can also get it with vanilla ice cream on the side which makes the whole thing even better.


The Granny’s Pie Doughnut

A couple of months ago Gourdough’s decided to go beyond its doughnut trailer. After, Kerbey Lane left an empty storefront on South Lamar when they relocated Gordough’s took over and opened Gourdough’s Public House. Austin Eater described it as donut- centric and cocktail bar. I recently found out about this opening, it apparently opened doors on October 31st.  The way I found out about it was of course, via instagram through one of those artsy looking food pictures.

The menu includes Donut Burgers, Donut Entrees which are apparently served over a doughnut. And since it is a pub, they have a wide selection of cocktails. Doughnuts and cocktails, a combination that only Gourdough’s would’ve thought of.

I always look at the the people who follow a paleo diet and have strict work out routine and wonder if they ever crave good food. This is because fruits and vegetables and all of the healthiness can only go so far. Like, what’s an amazing body if you can’t eat what you want? But then again everyone has their own priorities whether it be enjoying the taste of delicious food or wanting to look fit… really fit.

I think that there has been an increasing trend in following this paleo diet thing and taking part in crossfit. I’ve noticed this because I’ve seen people on my social networks increasingly talk about how crossfit is the only way to work out, by the way crossfit people apparently have some sort of beef with runners.

What exactly is this crossfit thing? Crossfit is a workout that combines weightlifting, gymnastics, and sprinting. I’ve seen that the people who take part in it have some sort of “workout of the day,” which they call WOD.

Looks pretty intense, huh?

Now, what does a paleo diet consist of? According to Wikipedia, “it consists mainly of fish, grass-fed pasture raised meats, vegetables, fruit, fungi, roots and nuts, and excludes grains, legumes, dairy products, refined salt, refined sugar, and processed oils.”

I’m the keeping a balance in between good food and healthy stuff type. It is evident that I love eating at Austin eateries but at the same time I keep in mind the importance of being healthy.

The beauty of finals, you are forced to do the work of a whole week within one night. Our lives are miserable during this last week but what gives us hope is that after that third day we’ll be free for a whole month. A whole month of lounging and maybe making some extra cash. The one thing though, is that although we have SO much work we still get side tracked and start doing other things instead of what we’re supposed to be doing. It’s so easy, I’m writing my 15 page paper on my laptop so checking my Twitter for two seconds won’t hurt. Then once I’m on there, I decide to comment on one of my friends tweets which results in a 30 minute conversation. I don’t feel that guilty because I know that everyone does it. Here I will list what I think are the top distractions, in no particular order.

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Listening to Music
  • Watching TV
  • Blogging
  • Study Session Turned into, “Let’s talk about life.”
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook Stalking (yeah, this is in a category of its own)

There’s probably way more that I am missing but I think that these are the most common. Try to fight giving into any of these and finish your work!

Today, the Mexican music industry has taken a severe blow, I think that I can include the Mexican community as well. Mexican- American singer Jenny Rivera was killed in a fatal plane crash. She was not any artist she was prominent in her role as a woman in the genres of banda and nortena music which are dominated by men. I recall several of her interviews where she said that she grew up being in the studio with her father, who owned a record label, and she always said that she wanted to be a singer for those genres because there was no reason for it to be exclusively for men.

She had performed in the city of Monterrey and was headed to Mexico City for another performance. At around 7 PM today, my mom had told me that her plane was missing since that was all that they knew at the time about 30 minutes later they had confirmed her death. They found the plane that she was in with 5 other passengers plus 2 pilots completely destroyed. They still haven’t found the bodies, at least not hers.

As I found this out, it seriously saddened me at how fast a life can be lost. She left behind five children as well as a supporting fan base and many people in the hispanic entertainment world who all quickly responded to the tragic news.

This was the last photograph that she posted on her Twitter account


If you’re a follower of boxing then you’re aware of the knockout that Manny Pacquiao suffered last night against his fight with Juan Manuel Marquez. Yesterdays knockout for sure ended this on going rivalry between the two as it wasn’t their first time fighting.


I am a boxing fan but thanks to finals, I wasn’t able to watch the fight last night. I did, however, see ridiculous pictures on instagram that made fun of Pacquiao’s loss. I didn’t believe it until I actually saw multiple tweets about it on Twitter. This loss kind of sucks because I always viewed Pacquiao as one of the best fighers and one who could’ve eventually taken away Floyd Mayweather’s undefeated streak. This is Pacquiao’s second lost in a row. The last one was in early June against Timothy Bradley. I had never even heard of that guy before, there were so many rumors that it was a rigged fight and that Pacauiao had been paid to lose or something of that sort. I don’t know if I believe that rumor but all I’m worried about is seeing all these losses coming upon a fighter who I thought was one of the best.

I’ll leave you guys with some of the pictures that have been surfacing the internet from yesterday’s fight.

simba enhanced-buzz-31273-1355067842-1 mannymiketyson manny-pacquiao-ko-photoshops-20





Pinterest, for many, is where they get their motivation for working out, cooking, baking, and being creative. But if you’re like me and don’t care about working out, aren’t the home maker type, and/or mess up any attempt of being creative then Pinterest might just be a time waster.

I like to Pin and make myself think that I’m really going to attempt doing any of these things but who am I kidding? I will say that I’ve made a couple of things here and there for example this ore0 brownie that’s beyond delicious.

But although I never do anything that I find on there, I love it. It’s so cool to see how creative people can be and the good food ideas that they come up with. My guilty pleasure is going through the wedding stuff, I hate admitting it but what girl doesn’t like to plan her future wedding with her unknown groom via Pinterest? The good thing is that I don’t have a board, if I did then I would be kind of weirded out by myself. I’ve also found a lot of cool blogs to follow through there like fashion ones or healthy ones whenever I do have the motivation of being healthier.

No doubt, Pinterest is fun to have. Even if you want to make yourself think that you’re going to actually make something when you’re really not but maybe one day you’ll find the motivation to go through with it like me.




When I was 17, I began my first job hunt. My first application submission was a success as I landed an interview at the Nike store. I was confident that I was going to get it because before I even applied I had the opportunity to have a nice little chat with the hiring manager. But being that it was my first interview ever, I wore a descent outfit, a nice top with a cardigan over it, jeans, flats, and a Burberry purse. I did the interview, thought that it went well but didn’t get a call back. Soon after, I applied at my local HEB grocery store. Once again, I got an interview, thought it went well. This time around I wore a skirt with a nice top, flats, and decided to use my Louis Vuitton purse. I didn’t get the job, again. I eventually got a job at the Ralph Lauren store.

Over time, I began to think about how the purses that I used for my interviews might have had something to do with my hiring decision. This was when I read an article about how every new graduate should own a black tote for interviews. I totally agree, because, for example, I showed up to these retail jobs and the person who interviewed me might have thought, “Well this girl obviously doesn’t need the money if she’s showing up with designer purses and doesn’t even have a job yet.” I mean maybe I’m just flattering myself in thinking that I was qualified for the positions but when I got my job at Ralph Lauren, I used a Marc Jacob purse but it didn’t have the obnoxious print on it yelling out, “I’m a designer purse!”

So, girls, learn from my mistakes and save yourself  from having to apply to more than one job and invest in a black tote. Plus, simple black totes are so versatile.

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1. American Apparel 2. Diane Von Furstenberg

3. Longchamp 4. Rebecca Minkoff